About Sophie & Molly

Sophie and Molly have been bringing comfort and emotional support to the team for years. Both have an eagerness to interact with all stakeholders (we have tried to teach them both that Steak and Stake mean different things) and clients, with a joyful, calm nature. They primarily work from the “Home office” when they aren’t in the office working hard at making everyone smile.

Favorite food:

MMM… Anything

Best piece of financial advice received:

Always remember where you hid your bone!

Favorite quote:

A dog can express more with its tail in minutes than its owner can express with their tongue in hours.

If you could meet anyone, past or present, it would be:

Old Yeller, he was a great role model

Hidden talent:

Shaking hands when told we are pretty ladies.

Favorite movie:

Lady and the Tramp

Favorite TV show:


What motivates you:

Going for a car ride.

Favorite holiday:


Something on your bucket list:

1st place at The Westminster Dog Show

Place you’d most like to visit:

Outer Space

Biggest accomplishment:

Staying when a human asks me to